Concerto in 3 movements
Duration: 19 min
Tuba and Orchestra - 2fl, 2cl, 2hn, 2tpt, 2tbn, timp, perc, tuba, strings

UJENZI (2013)
'Hifadhi' in Kiswahili translates to "conserve"
Symphonic poem on the building of the East African Railway in the 1890s. Premiered in June 2013 as a celebration of Kenya’s 50 years of independence.
Duration: 13 min
Full Orchestra version - 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bsn, 2hn, 2tpt, timp, 2perc, strings
* Symphonic band version - 2fl, 4cl, ten sax,, 2alto sax, 2tpt, timp, 2perc, strings (viola optional)

HIFADHI (2009)
'Ujenzi' in Kiswahili translates to "constructing or building"
Symphonic poem on climate change and environmental conservation.
Duration: 8 min
Full Orchestra version - 2fl, 2cl, basscl, bsn, 2hn, tpt, 2tbn, tuba, xyl, perc, strings.
* Symphonic band version - 3fl, 4cl, 2alto sax, 2ten sax, 3tpt, 2tbn, euph, tuba, vln, vc, glocks, 2perc.

KANI (2008)
'Kani' in Kiswahili translates to "insistent"
Short rhythmic orchestral picture.
Duration: 5 min
Orchestra - 2fl, ob, 2cl, basscl, alto sax, 2bsn, 2hn, 2tpt, 2tbn, tuba, timp, perc, strings.


MISSA AMANI: Mass For Peace (2018)
A mass for peace in Latin, English and Kiswahili
Duration: 15min
SATB, Soloists, Organ, Brass & Percussion - 2hn, 3tpt, 3tbn, tuba, timp/glocks, perc, org, SATB.

LALA MTOTO 'In a manger' (2009)
'Lala mtoto' in Kiswahili translates to "sleep baby"
Christmas lullaby 'sleep baby in a manger'. In English and Kiswahili.
Duration: 3 min
2 Part childrens' choir and piano, optional timpani (SST, TT or SATB options)

NI UTUKO arr. Silent Night Choral Version (2012)
'Ni Utuko' in Kikuyu translates to "it's night".
An arrangement of the Christmas carol 'Silent Night' in English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu.
Duration: 5 min
SATB, Organ and Bells.

Vision Song 50/50 United Nations Climate Change Conference 2013 (Lyrics by June Budhooram)
Song on climate change commisioned for the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2013. Performed at the conference by Elizabeth Njoroge.
Duration: 4 min
Voice and Piano.


JIJI (2011)
'Jiji' in Kiswahili translates to "large city"
Short piece that links the cities of London and Nairobi through sound. Commisioned for Lord Mayor of London City visit to Nairobi in October 2011.
Duration: 4 min
Trio for 2 Flutes & Violin.

KANDA (2010)
'Kanda' in Kiswahili translates to "tape / string"
Rhythmic depiction of dance using string ensemble.
Duration: 5 min
String orchestra vl(div.4), vla, vc(div.2), cb.

'Pumbumbum peh' is a depiction of one of the rhythms made by sengenya drums from Kenyan coastal region.
Rhythmic Fanfare for brass and percussion.
Duration: 3 min
Brass septet and percussion - 2hn, 2tpt, 2tbn, tuba, perc.

NYIMBO ZA NYUZI String quartet 1 (2006)
'Nyimbo za nyuzi' in Kiswahili translates to "songs for strings"
Series of string quartets.
Duration: 4 min
String Quartet - 2vln, vla, vc.
'Maisha' in Kiswahili translates to "life"
Piano and oboe Maisha (life) suite depicting the rites of passage life-cylce in 4 movements - I Michezo (games-childhood), II Makimbizi ('runnings'- youth), III Utu uzima (maturity), IV Oboe-lezo ('mourning'- end).
Duration: 10 min
Oboe and Piano.

'Pole pole' in Kiswahili translates to "slowly slowly"
Musical depiction of Maasai cattle searching for pasture.
Duration: 5 min
Wind Quartet and Cowbells - fl, ob, cl, bsn, cowbells.

Big band style jazz influenced composition inspired by Swahili Taarab music of Zanzibar and the East African coast.
Duration: 4 min
Wind Ensemble / Jazz Big band - fl, sop sax, alto sax, ten sax, bass clar, 3tpt, 3tbn, tuba, pf, elec guitar, bass, drum kit, perc.

Rhythmic piece for clarinet and piano.
Duration: 4 min

NI UTUKO arr. Silent Night Clarinet & Piano original version (2000)
'Ni Utuko' in Kikuyu translates to "it's night"
An arrangement of the melody from the Christmas carol in an atmospheric Kenyan context.
Duration: 5 min
Clarinet and Piano.

'Fikra fupi' in Kiswahili translates to "short thoughts"
Short playful character piece for clarinet, piano 4 hands and optional hand percussion. Includes improvisational section.
Duration: 3 min
Clarinet and 4 hands Piano (with optional hand percussion).

TI TI TUU! (2005)
'Ti ti tuu' is a depiction of one of the rhythmic ostinato similar to childrens' games.
Rhythmic wind quartet and percussion character piece. Suitable to play for, or with children.
Duration: 3 min
Original version fl, ob, cl, bsn, perc.
* Flexible ensemble 4 parts & percussion available.


Dance and music short film song project. A teaser to a full feature film on Nairobi city, Kenya in the late 1950s.

MARY TSIAMBIRE arr. Luhya folksong
'Mary Tsiambire' in Luhya language translates to "Mary went away/flew away"
Commisioned for Lord Mayor of London City visit to Nairobi in October 2011.
Trio for 2 Flutes & Violin with Voice & 'Litungu' - a Luhya community folk lyre from western Kenya.

Music collaboration project with composer Nizar Lalani fusing music from the East African and Pakistan coasts in performance. An Aga Khan Universities World of the Indian Ocean project.
Experimental band using Folk music, singers and instruments from Kenyan and Pakistan.

Daima Kenya arr. (composed by Eric Wainaina) (2009)
'Daima Kenya' in Kiswahili translates to "forever Kenya"
Arrangement for Solo singer, Choir and Orchestra of the song Daima Kenya composed by Kenyan musician Eric Wainaina. Performed at inaugural Safaricom Fusion Concert 2009.

Suzzana Owiyo collaborations
Collaborations wind arrangements on the songs Masela, Petite souer, Malaika for renown Kenyan singer/songwriter Suzzana Owiyo.

ZIKIYA KENYA BAND (2000 - 2008)
An experimental contemporary folk band focussed on fusing traditional instruments from different parts of the country with Kenya pop and jazz. Notable performances include a series of three concerts at the Goethe Institut, Nairobi Kenya in 2003, 2004 and 2008.